The Facilitation Partnership
The Facilitation Partnership

We make the complex simple to work with



Our purpose is clear –
to make the complex simple to work with.

Our purpose drives everything we do, enabling
our clients and their organisations to be the most
successful they can possibly be.


Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The landscape is changing quickly and we’re finding that most of the meetings we are facilitating are switching to virtual sessions – are you doing the same?

The questions we are currently responding to are:

  • How can we work well virtually?
  • How can I keep my team connected?
  • How can I mitigate risk?
  • How can we continue to get work done?

The Facilitation Partnership team are ready to support you in these uncertain times, please do get in touch if we can help you get the best from virtual meetings.

Please click here for your free copies of ‘Meeting Virtually? 7 Ways to Succeed’, and 'Faster through the Curve', both providing valuable guidance on making the most of your virtual meetings.

Please also follow this link to your free virtual meetings e-chapter (‘Virtual, Visual and Virtuous’) taken from ‘Meet with Impact – 40 visual tools for productive meetings and engaging workshops.’


Virtual Boost

Leaders tell us that they are facing unprecedented levels of virtual working, even before the impact of Covid-19 took hold. We know that virtual working places additional complexity and pressure on leaders to maintain engagement, motivation, and to keep teams focussed on the important work that needs to be done.

Virtual Boost is unique, quick, engaging and results focussed. Follow this link to find out more about Virtual Boost.

Virtual Boost

What we do



We facilitate the conversations and create the conditions for decisions that develop and support your business strategy. We partner with senior leadership teams to scope and define the organisational vision and the bold steps that are needed to achieve that vision.

We engage the people in your organisation in a meaningful and inclusive dialogue about vision and strategy, working with small groups through to whole systems.



We facilitate to strengthen the capability and productivity of your team, to reveal its true purpose, clarify its deliverables and align on the legacy the team wants to leave in your business and beyond.

Whether ‘unsticking’ relationships and projects or supporting important transitions, we enable teams to become more successful, to make decisions and to enjoy getting the job done, daily.


Organisational Alignment

In a globalised environment, engaging every heart and mind is critical. Across locations and cultures, we facilitate the connection and mobilisation of your teams with your business.

We maximise the power of the collective mind through conference/meeting design and delivery. We rigorously facilitate to solve problems and ignite creativity, empowering you and your teams to adopt a facilitative leadership style and get things done.

How we do it

  • We facilitate face
    to face or virtually

    Whether your meeting is for 500 or 5 participants, our approach is consistently focused on achieving your desired outcomes by making the complex simple to work with. Face to face or virtual, your meeting/conference is important to us and we understand the subtleties that make every meeting unique.

    We design resources that
    give strength to your facilitation

    When you want to facilitate we have the expertise to advise and guide you on the materials that will support your facilitation and the group’s thinking. Drawing upon the visual expertise of the team at Inky Thinking we will design and produce bespoke charts that focus the group’s attention on what needs to be done.


    We train facilitators from beginning to mastery

    Our facilitation training is designed with you in mind. Whether you are new to the exciting field of facilitation or have extensive experience and wish to fine-tune your skills, our practical workshops will give you the knowledge and impact you need to facilitate masterful meetings. See the section on Facilitation Training below for more details.

Meeting [noun]

‘When two or more people need to come together to share, discuss, create, decide. Meetings should be agile and maximise the resources available. They might be fast, long, virtual, face-to-face, large or small. Meetings can add to or detract from a business performance culture. When carried out piecemeal, meetings can fragment and block an organisation. When carried out with the organisation’s goals and rhythms in mind, they can unlock resource, synchronise and liberate the whole.’

The Facilitation Partnership 2016

Who we are

The team at The Facilitation Partnership (TFP) share a passion for facilitating the important conversations that move businesses to fulfil their purpose and achieve their maximum potential. We jointly share the desire to make the complex simple to work with, and make that happen across the globe.

  • Helen Chapman

    Helen brings expertise, knowledge, intuition and creativity to every piece of work. Helen’s facilitation enables leaders and groups to make the complex simple to work with so that robust decisions are made that turn plans into reality.  Helen is a sought after thinking partner to senior business leaders. 

    • Author of The Meeting Book: Meetings that achieve and deliver every time
    • Loves to laugh, dance, cook and cycle
  • Tom Russell

    With an ability to strongly facilitate across diverse content, Tom brings a focus on quality and detail to his facilitation, ensuring that every client and meeting participant experiences the best possible conversation. A background in HR leads Tom to quickly spot the subtleties of dialogue to ensure that every voice is heard.

    • Leads the InkyJam® interactive visual information workshops
    • Tom’s guilty pleasure – 80’s music
  • Catherine Hennessy

    Since 2000 Catherine has focused solely on facilitation that makes a difference. Creative and tenacious she brings her Retail, HR and L&D experience to bear and focuses on results beyond the sugar rush. Catherine believes doing great business has the potential to be a deeply enjoyable experience – one that enhances people as well as the bottom line. 

    • Likely to ask “What will that get you?”
    • Loves to dance
  • Ben Robinson

    Ben has spent his entire working life facilitating teams and groups and has a desire to have a positive impact on every one of his client’s businesses.  He has a passion for enabling all participants to connect and be their authentic selves in his meetings, that way they will truly buy into the commitments they make together.

    • Believes facilitation is a potential way of life for everyone, in everything they do
    • Enjoys outdoor pizza parties using his hand-built wood fired oven
  • Stathis Vrakatselis

    Stathis believes organisations can create their own future by engaging in meaningful conversations to discover their own path. Stathis has experience in building teams, organisational change and strategic thinking. His work in specialist and senior leadership roles gives him the ability to adapt and understand issues quickly.

    • Background in marketing and category management in global FMCGs
    • Medal winning swimmer
    • Greek speaker
  • Isabelle Calkins

    Passionate about helping people unlock their unique talent and become more self-confident, Isabelle is a skilled public speaking coach and facilitator. Her ability to deeply listen makes Isabelle a great communication partner who doesn't assume anything, but succeeds in creating strong connections with individuals and groups.

    • Communication coach for TEDxToulouse
    • Originally trained as a lawyer
    • French speaker
  • Jeremy (Jem) Peel

    Familiar with emergence, Jem is passionate about helping leaders and organisations to develop new ways of perceiving, interpreting and interacting. Jem works to create, or re-create organisations that are more inclusive, more congruent, and more expert at learning and changing as an ongoing emergent process.

    • Developed people from graduates to Board executives
    • A keen oil portrait artist
  • Steph Vidal-Hall

    Steph facilitates and coaches teams to have the meetings they wish they were having; solutions focused, engaging, time efficient. Facilitating across the corporate, cultural and charitable sectors from graduate to board level, Steph specialises in enabling people to do their own best thinking, unleashing the real value of everyone in the room.

    • MA in Learning & Teaching
    • Qualified Time to Think coach
  • Amy Webb

    Amy is the Office Manager for both TFP and Inky Thinking. Amy has a background working in school settings with children with additional needs, and this has taught Amy to really value the importance of supportive work relationships. clear communication and effective working practices. 

    • Amy also runs a small craft business
    • Mum of one lovely little boy
  • Åsa Malmsten

    Åsa is passionate about facilitating positive change to improve performance. As a coach, facilitator, and project manager, Åsa believes that strong communication skills, powerful questioning, and intuitive listening leads to great results. Åsa has worked in a range of settings, including cultural change, building teams, business development, strategy and start-ups.

    • Believes in the power of creativity, connection, and communication
    • Is a regular Parkrunner
    • Speaks Swedish
  • Spinny Witter

    After a decade working and consulting in the financial sector, Spinny brings experience in leadership development, start-ups and coaching to her facilitation. Spinny brings energy and enthusiasm to every interaction and encourages flexible, creative thinking, whatever the client or business issue.

    • Draws on a diverse knowledge base, from neuroscience and quantum physics to psychotherapy and coaching
    • Loves comedy, music and reading

The Meeting Book

Whether it's a few people meeting over coffee or 100 people in a conference room, meetings happen all the time. They are a constantly changing and living pattern; a connection of minds, content and process.

Every meeting has the potential to be a dynamic interaction of human brains. The possibilities for success are endless.

Helen Chapman has combined extensive insight and knowledge gained through the facilitation of meetings across the globe into this easy to use business tool. Part of LID Publishing’s popular Concise Advice Lab series this book will show you how all your meetings can be the best they can be and how you can begin a new meeting habit that others will want to follow.

Buy on Amazon

The Meeting Book
Meet with Impact

Meet with Impact

Experts estimate that we spend 50% of our time in meetings, that’s a lot of blah blah blah, coffee and biscuits. We can change this by spending more time in the meetings that get more done (and less in those that don’t). This book is here to help you succeed in your meetings and enabling you to make the right visual choices. Stuck in the same old slide-deck rut? There is a better way, and it’s explained right here.

Tom Russell takes us to a deeper practical understanding of how we can enhance participant engagement and meeting productivity. Illustrated throughout by Ellie Chapman of Inky Thinking, the book introduces 40 visual tools that can be used right away in your meetings, plus the unique Meet with Impact Planner to help you design the right approach.

Buy on Amazon
Meet with Impact Planner & Reflection Tool

  • Facilitation Training


    “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”
    Thomas A. Edison

    We approach our training with this mind-set and offer both open programmes and targeted in-house development. Please contact us for details of what’s coming up.

    View each programme for latest dates.

  • Amazing meeting practice for beginners – the big shifts


    A one-day programme for those who wish to understand and practice the fundamental elements and approaches that make the big difference to meetings.

    You will learn how to apply the TFP Meeting Kaleidoscope in your meetings to get to specific outcomes.

    Next date: Please call us for more details.

  • Amazing meeting practice for facilitators  – the big shifts and the subtle twists


    A two-day programme for those who have experience of working with groups and are ready to increase their range of choices and approaches in order to work more effectively and powerfully with groups

    You will learn how to apply the TFP Meeting Kaleidoscope with precision in your meetings to get to specific outcomes.

  • Mastery Programme the big shifts, the subtle twists and secrets of success


    A spaced four-day programme for those who wish to go deeper, stronger, bolder with their facilitation practice in order that the groups they work with not only get the job done but are developed through the facilitation experience.

    The programme is made up of virtual learning, face-to-face theory, practice and one-on-one coaching.

    You will learn how to apply the TFP Meeting Kaleidoscope with finite precision in your meetings to get to specific outcomes.

Meeting Consultancy

Our meeting consultancy offers an organisation-wide approach that gets right to the culture of your organisation - where it comes from, how it influences behaviour, decision making, alignment and meeting routines.

In other words we help you to look at, understand and sharpen your approach to meetings by helping you to work ON them as well as IN them. Call us to find out how we can help you to influence your meeting culture for the long term.

Our Clients

We partner with a diverse range of amazing clients across the globe. Our clients include:

  • Airbus
  • Diageo
    Royal Canin
  • Disclosure and barring service
  • Alix Partners
    BNP Paribas Real Estate
    Douwe Egberts
  • JOSims Ltd
    Yorkshire Ambulance
    Linney Group
  • Parker
    University of Derby
  • Telenor_logo

Inky Thinking

Our team of graphic specialists at Inky Thinking bring colour to your meetings, events and communications.

Whether in real time or as a valuable input to your critical conversation, the Inky Thinkers will make the complex simple to work with - visually. 

Inky Thinking